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Don't buy from a jewelry store.

Watch the video to learn how

Get jewelry delivered to you on demand, to preview BEFORE you buy. 

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How we solve your problems when shopping from jewelry stores:

1. Schedule a meeting

2. We curate from global vendors

3. See before you buy

Your concierge will curate the best jewelry options from global vendors. All within your budget, including exclusive finds you can't get in stores.

We'll bring the jewelry to your office, or meet us for lunch. See, touch, & feel before buying. Buy what you like, or ask us to keep searching.

Meet us in your office or over lunch (on us). We want to learn about your dream jewelry and answer your questions.

How it works





Get access to exclusive jewelry when we traveling to international jewelry shows.

We source diamonds direct from manufacturers in Israel, Belgium, & India to skip the middlemen.

We search jewelry store inventories to source exclusive jewelry options.

We'll curate the best options at prices you can afford from the three global sources of jewelry.

We'll always have the jewelry you want, guaranteed. 



1. Manufacturers

2. Trade shows

3. Store inventories

  • Founded in 1981, Bruce began as a traveling jewelry salesman servicing boutique jewelry stores across America.
  • Over the next three decades, Bruce built relationships with global diamond and jewelry vendors.
  • Ron, Bruce's son, joined the company in internet age to adapt technology to the jewelry industry
  • As the first jeweler to be a Google Glass explorer, Ron is pioneering video technology for retail jewelry sales with Glass.

Who we are

Diamond Concierge Service is a vetted member of the leading retail jewelry association - Jewelers of America - and is listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade.

Jewelry Trade Organizations


Bruce Khordi, co-founder

Ron Khordi, co-founder



With over three decades of experience and vendor contacts in the jewelry industry, we are positioned to help you find the jewelry you are looking for.

Our clients love us

"Investing in diamonds . . . can be intimidating for novice diamond purchasers . . . To learn more about the diamond industry and find out what buyers need to know, we contacted Diamond Concierge Service."

"Based in New York’s famed Diamond District, Diamond Concierge Service is a company that any man looking to propose or any woman looking to upgrade her diamond should explore."

"The process is much like working with a real-estate agent who . . . has access to the exclusive properties, you need a really good agent to find your dream home. Diamond Concierge Service is exactly that – an agent with 30 years of contacts . . . who will find your perfect diamond."

"Diamond Concierge Service founder Ron Khordi will wear Google Glass at the show vendor's booth to broadcast live video of their products to a customer's smartphone. Jewelry trade shows . . .  are transformed into the world's largest jewelry store."

Google Seller Ratings

"It turned out better than I could have ever imagined." -Chris, NJ

"Ron hooked it up." -Alfredo, CT

"If you want a great deal you have to come to . . . Ron. He's a great guy and I trust him." - Daisy, Dubai

"We came back because of the great service and you got me exactly what I wanted within our budget." -Linda, CT

12 years
100% positive feedback
1000+ reviews

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Contact us seven days a week
9 a.m. - 11 p.m. EST


Still Researching?

Get your free guide "Top 10 Must Knows About Buying A Diamond"

Ready to get started?

Book first meeting with your concierge now:

We do not bring jewelry during the first meeting. No sales, no pressure, risk-free.

The purpose of the meeting is to learn about the jewelry you really want, and learn about us.

In this guide you will learn:

1. Why to first buy for the recipient
2. Setting your budget
3. Estimating jewelry cost
4. Design your jewelry
5. Report laboratories
6. Shape
7. Color & clarity grade
8. Carat weight
9. Treated diamonds
10. Colored diamonds

You can choose where to meet. Your office, over lunch (on us), or one of our 2000 Global locations.

Don't have what you want

Stores have small inventories, while our curation of global vendors means we always have the jewelry you want.

Stores that sell their inventory rarely search globally to find the best jewelry options. Since we hold no inventory, we will never pressure you to buy.

High prices

Inventory, staff, and rent means higher prices at stores.  Our leaner business model means we pass our cost savings to our cilents.

Researching jewelry online is time consuming and tedious.  Simply tell us what you want, and we do the search for you.

Wasted time travel to stores

Traveling to jewelry stores takes time. Preview before purchase when we bring jewelry options to your office, or over lunch (on us).

Multple sources of education

We wrote a library of jewelry education ebooks, videos, and live webinars to help you make the most informed decision. 

Pushy salespeople

Hassle researching online


What if I don't like the jewelry during the second meeting?
We'll simply conduct a second search based on your feedback. About 20% of our clients decline the first round of our search results.   96% of our those clients end up purchasing after the second set of search results. 


What is the purpose of the first meeting?
We'll go through a detailed questionnaire to learn what are your real goals and the specific details of the jewelry you want.  We'll also provide you an education, show your our buying guides, and answer any questions. 


Are you bringing jewelry to see during the first meeting?
Not yet, we first need to learn more about what you are looking for.


When will I see actual jewelry?
After learning about what you want during the first meeting,  we'll spend 2-3 days searching global vendors to curate the best options in your budget. Then we'll schedule a second meeting where we bring the search results for you to see in person. 


What if I am not ready to buy?
The purpose of the first meetng is not to make a purchase, we won't even have any jewelry to sell.  It is risk free, and there is no committment to follow up with a second meeting to see or buy jewelry.


Why should I schedule a meeting, can't I just call?
95% of all jewelry sold worldwide is in person. Its the best way to tell us what you want. Your body language will tell us much more about your dream jewelry piece than the words you choose.  Over half our clients buy even better options than they intended due to the education and guidance we provide. 


Can you just email me what you have for sale?
95% of all consumers who buy jewelry don't buy onlne.  It simply will not achieve your goal of finding exactly the jewelry you want at an affordable price, because we won't know which jewelry to email you.


Frequently asked questions

Which days and hours are you available for meetings?
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.  EST


What is your return policy?
Any jewelry purchased can be returned for an exchange or refund within 14 days of delivery. Some custom made jewelry may be non-refundable.


Do we have to meet in my office?
No, we can meet over lunch or coffee (on us) or in one of our 100+ locations across the New York area.